Web2Print Business Portal:

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  • Customizable
  • Efficiently and quickly
  • Corporate design compliant
  • Can be integrated into your purchasing process
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Web2Print Business Portal

In our Web2Print business portal, your business stationery is available online around the clock. This allows you to place your orders regardless of time and place and you have cost management under control at all times.

Cost savings and increased efficiency

Every order generates administrative costs. By automating the order paper, delivery note or invoice, costs can be saved. The storage of the printed matter relieves the graphic designer, as only variable data is entered in the input mask. Layout, fonts and paper are stored in the system. Order your business stationery efficiently and cost-effectively.

Compliance with the corporate identity (CI / CD)

If several users are authorized to create documents, there is a risk that CI / CD guidelines will be interpreted more extensively. This can be prevented by standardized templates. Users can easily access it and don't have to worry about design. Predefined documents can be created and ordered independently of the time and place. The printed matter is always CI / CD-compliant.

Integration into your purchasing process

Procurement processes run according to defined rules. Authorizations and approval rules must be adhered to. The billing runs on defined cost centers and / or projects. In our Web2Print print portal, these are mapped using an authorization model, which makes it easier to transfer them to the usual processes.

Answers to the most common questions
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