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Web2Print Business Portal

In our web2print business portal, your business information is available online 24 hours a day. This enables you to make order regardless the location and time, and you have control over cost management at all times.

Cost savings and efficiency

Each order generates administrative costs, so-called overhead costs. By automating the offer generation, including generation of order paper, delivery note or invoice, hidden administrative costs can be saved.
In addition, the printing of the prints relieves the internal graphic artist, since only the data to be changed are entered in the input mask. Layout, fonts and also paper qualities are stored in the system.
You get easier and faster to the goal. Order your business print in the future in an uncomplicated, location-independent and cost-optimized manner.

Compliance with corporate identity (CI/CD)

If a large number of users are authorized to create documents, CI/CD policies may be more extensive. This can be prevented by standardized templates. Users can easily access them and do not have to worry about their design.
Independent of time and place, predefined documents can be created and ordered. Thus, prints such as business cards, brochures, flyers and stationery are always CI/CD-compliant.

Integration into your purchasing process

Procurement processes follow exactly defined rules. On the one hand, authorizations and approval rules must be complied with. The allocation runs to defined cost centers and/or projects. In our web-to-print print portal, these are mapped via an authorization model, which makes it easier to transfer to the usual processes.

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